Skin Care

You take care of the skin on the rest of your body, why not your feet? Each season comes with its own challenges as far as foot skin care goes (dry skin in winter, athlete’s foot in summer), and CCFA has the tools and products needed to keep your feet looking and feeling great all year round!

Skin Care Tips

  • Wash your feet daily in warm, soapy water. Inspect feet for lesions, growths or changes and report any issues immediately to your doctor. Skin cancer of the feet is one of the most overlooked cancers. Could you tell the difference between a wart, benign growth, or melanoma? Don’t risk your health; your podiatrist is the most qualified to examine feet. 
  • Moisturize your feet daily, especially the heels and balls of your feet. (See below for products we recommend).

Kera-42™ Cream

A medical strength moisturizing urea product for rough-calloused skin, Kera-42 exfoliates dry, dead skin and rejuvenates new skin cells

Pedinol Sleep-N-Heel Kit

For dry, cracked heels that are so prevalent in the summer months when people are wearing sandals and flip flops. Don’t let your heels get dried out and unsightly. By wearing these medicated heel pads while you sleep, you can have smooth, moisturized heels every day with little effort. The kit also contains Ureacin-20 cream to apply before you put the sleeping heels on as well as exfoliating soap to help remove dead skin while you bathe.

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